A note from the project creator

I would like to thank Professor David Roskies for the introduction to Grosbard’s oeuvre and for the inspiration to create this project. The Grosbard Project was first presented at the “Jewspeak and Its Aftermath: Speech and Orality in Modern Jewish Discourse” Ginor Seminar in Jewish Literary Studies at the Jewish Theological Seminar in New York, October 19, 2014. I’d like to thank Michal Olownia for digitalizing the LPs, and the participants of the Ginor Seminar for their comments and support. Please feel free to email me with questions and comments about the website. Enjoy and listen to Grosbard in good health!

Agi Legutko

©Hertz Grosbard. This website is for educational use only.

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  1. Sheva

    WOW! This is amazing. Thank you for making this available along with the PDFs! What a great tool for my Yiddish learning! Not to mention the breathtaking voice performance.


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