Yiddish Literature with Hertz Grosbard

“To listen to this wizard who turns into magic the simplest of words is an experience” A. Klein

The Grosbard Project is designed to bring the unique Yiddish word concerts performed by Hertz Grosbard to wider audiences who wish to explore Yiddish literature or to expand their knowledge of the Yiddish language. The recordings of Hertz Grosbard’s performances are accompanied by the original Yiddish texts (and soon – activities), meant to enhance the Grosbard experience. Grosbard’s dramatic recitals and interpretations offer a new way of encountering Yiddish literature, as he becomes an intermediary between the author and the audience. However, it is not necessary to know Yiddish to appreciate his art. As A. Klein put it, “at the very same time that Grosbard is pronouncing Yiddish, he is – in tone, in gesture, in inflection – communicating speech universal. He converts, by mere reading, Yiddish into an already understood Esperanto”.

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